Each advertiser agrees to be totally responsible for all the contents of their advertisement. No copyrighted material may be used without permission from the copyright owner. NO OBSCENE, PORNOGRAPHIC, OR ILLEGAL MATERIALS MAY BE INCLUDED ON THE ADS. If a business submits photos containing people or someones property, the business is responsible from getting permission from the people or owners to publish their photos online. The Camera Angle, owner of the ShopRockinghamCounty.com website or the web designer reserves the right to reject any ad that we feel is damaging to the quality of the site. The web site designers and owners assume no liability for any content on the advertisements or for any damage or loss to photos or other materials that are provided to us for art preparation. The Camera Angle will also not be liable for any server down-time that is caused by maintenance, upgrades, power outages, etc. In the case the web site is discontinued, any payments that remain on the account will be prorated for the time left and refunded. Submitting an ad application will be considered a legal and binding contract between The Camera Angle and your business. Any renewals not paid within 10 days of expiration may be removed from the web site.
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